Tswalu on film Tswalu on film

The desert and its eco-system are too complex to be defined in one single image or film. The dunes and the grasslands hold too many secrets and this landscape can change in an instant with the first drops of rain. Tswalu offers every photographer and film-maker an opportunity to record their own observations of the Kalahari in the knowledge that the next lens and eye will capture something different again.

Here are just some of the recent film sequences created in the field.

Python Release

An African rock python, one of South Africa’s endangered species of snake, is rescued from danger at a nearby mine and released into its new home here on the reserve.

Tracking Lion

Tracking is both an art and a science; very often this is a skill passed down from one generation to the next. Join Moses and William as they search for the youngest members of our Northern lion pride.

Meerkat Guest Experience

Join Marco, Adrian and some recent guests at a meerkat burrow. The constant programme of research here means that Tswalu’s meerkat colonies tolerate close encounters the chance to witness their constantly restless antics.

When the rain falls

This sequence is taken from a documentary by award-winning film-maker Owen Prumm. It describes the drama and diversity of Tswalu’s wildlife at a particular time.

Family at play

Owen Prumm’s filming of one of the meerkat colonies here at Tswalu colourfully demonstrates the charm and intelligence of these highly social mammals. Scientific research into the meerkat is continuous on the reserve and guests can join researchers at a burrow in the early morning to witness such behaviour at close range.

Africa’s most magnificent

The male Kalahari lion with its black mane is a huge and gorgeous animal, recently described by the UK’s Daily Telegraph as being “worth 10 of any other”. This magical footage shows one of Tswalu’s adult males interacting with another creature on whom this eco-system depends - the termite.

Lions versus ants

This clip captures another encounter between lion and insect. Despite the formidable power of Kalahari lionesses, tiny ants prove too persistent an irritation, even for them.

The Meerkat Movie

A meerkat’s existence seems to switch between constant play and constant vigilance. “The Meerkats” is a full-length documentary movie shot here at Tswalu Kalahari. Produced by the BBC’s celebrated Wildlife Unit and with a voice-over by Paul Newman, the film follows the progress of one particular pup in the colony and the hazards of early life in such a challenging environment.