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Meerkats and the winter season, by field guide Barry Peiser

by Tswalu Kalahari on July 09, 2018 in Meerkats, News, Wildlife, 
Winter in the Kalahari is made up typically of very cold nights and mild to hot sunny days. This winter however has been mild to date with the exception of the cold front over the last rwo days. Meerkats are extremely sensitive to the cold and tend to… Continue reading

A lioness and her cub, by field guide Kyle Ansell

by Tswalu Kalahari on July 04, 2018 in News, Wildlife, 
As a guide, we are gifted everyday by so many different things – from the plants, birds and mammals, to a deeper understanding of ourselves. Recently while on a morning drive, field guide Kosie Lategan, who was nearby, radioed in that he was with a… Continue reading

The late summer rains, by field guide Barry Peiser

by Tswalu Kalahari on May 30, 2018 in
As everyone is aware, without water we simply wouldn’t survive. And of late, the Kalahari has been even drier than usual. The end of the summer season is in sight and just when we thought the drought would not end, we were graced with a turn of events.… Continue reading

Kudu – The grey ghost, by field guide Kallie Otimile

by Tswalu Kalahari on May 27, 2018 in News, Wildlife, 
One of the most beautiful antelope in the Kalahari is the greater kudu, also referred to as the ‘grey ghost’. This animal is found in the savannah woodlands which provides it with the necessary cover it needs while still supporting its main feeding… Continue reading

That time of the year, by field guide Juan Venter

by Tswalu Kalahari on May 20, 2018 in News, Wildlife, 
An all-time favourite for guides and guests alike, this creature has scales for armour and a tongue that is almost the length of its body. It’s an odd-looking character from an ancient world, and a particularly evolved mammal for this environment. It… Continue reading

Predator interaction, by field guide Nelson Siboza

by Tswalu Kalahari on May 15, 2018 in News, Wildlife, 
The alpha female of Tswalu’s wild dog pack is heavily pregnant and the team has been keeping a close eye on her as she has been seen looking for a secure den site in expectation of the delivery of her pups. Today, tracker Ben and I came across the dogs’… Continue reading