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Tracking snakes at Tswalu, by researcher Thilo Beck

by Tswalu Kalahari on November 11, 2018 in Conservation, News, Wildlife, 
We’ve been at Tswalu now for four weeks. We are doing a job that we couldn’t have imagined doing five years ago in a place we would not have believe existed. Living next door to every imaginable kind of wildlife in the Kalahari would be special enough,… Continue reading

Of meerkats and pups, by field guide Sarah Nurse

by Tswalu Kalahari on November 04, 2018 in Meerkats, News, Wildlife, 
I saw meerkats for the first time in my life this year and what a privilege it has been to be able to get an up-close-and-personal view into the life of these special creatures. When I arrived at Tswalu in May, I was told that the alpha female of one… Continue reading

Tracking at Tswalu

by Tswalu Kalahari on September 20, 2018 in Conservation, News, Wildlife, 
Tracking wildlife is not just an art and a science. Being able to identify and analyse the tracks of an animal in the wild is an ancient survival skill that has been passed down many generations of indigenous people in Africa. Unfortunately, with urbanisation… Continue reading

New adventures, by field guide Sarah Nurse

by Tswalu Kalahari on July 15, 2018 in Conservation, News, Wildlife, 
I’ve been at Tswalu now for almost two months and what a mind blowing experience it has been! I had heard amazing things about the Kalahari and so I left the Kruger - my home of eight years - for an exciting new adventure. And what an adventure it has… Continue reading

Meerkats and the winter season, by field guide Barry Peiser

by Tswalu Kalahari on July 09, 2018 in Meerkats, News, Wildlife, 
Winter in the Kalahari is made up typically of very cold nights and mild to hot sunny days. This winter however has been mild to date with the exception of the cold front over the last rwo days. Meerkats are extremely sensitive to the cold and tend to… Continue reading

A lioness and her cub, by field guide Kyle Ansell

by Tswalu Kalahari on July 04, 2018 in News, Wildlife, 
As a guide, we are gifted everyday by so many different things – from the plants, birds and mammals, to a deeper understanding of ourselves. Recently while on a morning drive, field guide Kosie Lategan, who was nearby, radioed in that he was with a… Continue reading