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Influence of temperature on a cheetah mom, by field guide Nelson Siboza

by Tswalu Kalahari on January 02, 2018 in News, Wildlife, 
After a few days of following a cheetah mom and seven month-old cub in extremely hot temperatures, we started losing hope of witnessing her making a kill and feeding her youngster. She slept through most days and seemed exhausted after just a few hunting… Continue reading

Scared to death, by field guide Sian Green

by Tswalu Kalahari on December 17, 2017 in News, Wildlife, 
Have you ever been so scared you thought you may die? So scared you didn’t think there was any way out? I know I have and I guess that was exactly what it felt like for this Leopard tortoise being surrounded and played with by lions. We stumbled upon… Continue reading

Awaiting the season of plenty, by field guide Marelize Conradie

by Tswalu Kalahari on December 17, 2017 in News, Wildlife, 
Excited to return to the thirsty land after two months of travelling abroad, I was welcomed with scorching hot weather, strong winds and cumulonimbus clouds that continuously tease, the huge clouds sometimes dropping rain and sometimes not. Often in the… Continue reading

Cheetah delight, by field guide Kosie Lategan

by Tswalu Kalahari on December 11, 2017 in News, Wildlife, 
Any guide will agree that the best sightings always happen when you least expect it. Nature is unpredictable, and I was reminded of this recently. I met my guests on arrival at the airport but, because it was a cool day, we thought it would be best to… Continue reading

The most recognisable nest, by field guide Moses Maponya

by Tswalu Kalahari on December 10, 2017 in Conservation, Wildlife, 
Wherever you look in the Kalahari, you will see these enormous nests built by sociable weavers. For first-time visitors to the Kalahari, often the question is “how big is bird that builds such a big nest”? With disbelief in their eyes, we answer that… Continue reading

Tracks and tracking, by field guide Kyle Ansell

by Tswalu Kalahari on December 05, 2017 in News, Wildlife, 
Tracking involves following each and every sign of an animal’s presence that it has left behind. This could include spoor (track), scent, feeding signs, dung, territorial marking, paths, shelter and even vocal and other auditory signs. All this information… Continue reading