Conservation Ethos Conservation Ethos

The word “Tswalu” means “a new beginning”, characterising our ambition to restore the Kalahari to its raw beauty. This goal aligns perfectly with our commitment to create an inspirational experience for our guests as each visitor contributes directly to the sustainability of the reserve in a true model of eco-tourism.



Our operations in hospitality secure the sustainability of the conservation work here on the property. But they also do more, in ensuring that the people of the area benefit from the work opportunities, skills training and career development that the best forms of tourism offer.

We are as proud of the opportunities created for Tswalu’s people and for the future of our community as we are of any achievement in the bush.

“Mother Nature is a great healer. All she needs is time and space. Fortunately there are plenty of both on Tswalu.”

- Gus van Dyk, Director of Conservation, Tswalu Kalahari

The three goals


We have three main goals: to restore the natural environment, to re-establish and protect biological diversity, and to maintain the natural ecological processes characteristic of the Kalahari.

This entails the management of the entire ecological system, including the vegetation and available water resources, in order to maximise the diversity of natural life found in the region and to restore vital processes which have disappeared in other parts of the Kalahari.