TSWALU Kalahari TSWALU Kalahari

Tswalu A Luxury Private Game Reserve

Tswalu Kalahari is South Africa’s largest private game reserve, now protecting over 110,000 hectares of spectacular grasslands and mountains. We take conservation as our absolute priority; our vision is to “restore the Kalahari to itself.” No more than 30 guests at a time can discover the beauty of this arid savannah, its diverse wildlife and the serenity of what may well be South Africa’s last great wilderness. Read more

We hope that by redefining the way in which wilderness conservation and research work hand in hand with our guests’ experience and the engagement of our community, we can create an inspirational legacy which secures this special place for future generations.


Tswalu can accommodate up to just 30 visitors at any one time. Our two properties strive to
create an atmosphere of barefoot luxury, your home here in the desert.

The Motse

The Motse

An island of calm

Motse means “village” in Tswana. Our village consists of just nine secluded suites, each with their own private deck and open fireplace.



A world apart

Nestled into two mountain ranges, Tarkuni creates the ultimate sanctuary. This homestead enjoys its own dedicated team, including a private chef and host, to ensure a completely hand-made experience.