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Our Rangers - what Tswalu means to them…

Rudi Venter

It is beyond our abilities to perceive the world as an animal sees it, but by spending time with them, we can at least get closer to understanding them.  Working at Tswalu allows this meticulous observation and gives one an incredible insight into this beautiful wilderness area.

Margaux Le Roux

Tswalu stirs feelings of awe and wonder in me.  One can’t help but want to go out and explore the vast expanse of wilderness and discover nature’s secrets.  It’s a sensory experience and a safari for the soul.

Marelize Conradie

Tswalu and the life it supports, reveals many interesting and exciting sightings.  The vigilant meerkats, the spectacle created by a massive flock of birds and the sight of wild dogs setting off in pursuit of food are just some of the moments to look forward to every day.

Juan Venter

I have always wanted to work in the Kalahari.  A place where you can walk side by side with an aardvark, beautiful mountains that lend a view over the ancient creation that is Tswalu in this special corner of South Africa.  There is only one person that I envy and that is the one that has not yet been to this amazing jewel of Africa, because he still has so much to look forward to…

JP Le Roux

There are few places on the planet which have such outstanding beauty, species diversity, and a unique cultural history. Combine these with the warm friendliness of the team and the exclusivity we offer our guests, and Tswalu definitely provides one of the most unique safari experiences available.