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The Tswalu Collection by Roger Doyle

In 2010, Roger visited Tswalu for the first time and was immediately struck by the beauty and scale of this extraordinary landscape. Over the few days he was with us, Roger constantly sketched the plants and grasses which captured his imagination; he watched masked weavers building their nests throughout the day and marvelled at, as any jeweller would, the constellations of the Southern Kalahari’s “diamond skies at night.

From these inspirations , Roger has created a magnificent series of jewellery, now available here at the reserve and through his own website. Each piece is hand-made in 18 carat gold and diamonds at Roger’s UK studio. Importantly, a precentage of all profits from the sale of the collection, will go to the Tswalu Foundation, funding further research and conservation initiatives into the very ecology which inspired these jewels.

Click here to view Roger Doyle’s Tswalu Collection

a simple but stylish design in silver
a rounded gold nugget to accentuate any outfit
a graceful spiral design in gold
a classic circle shape inlaid with precious stones to sparkle
a plain yet striking gold necklace
a small star burst hanging on a gold chain
dainty gold pendant
spindle shaped gold necklace
cone shaped gold earrings
black and white feather broach
silver and gold plated bowls
silver and gold coloured cups