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Horseback Safari

From horseback, the world of the Kalahari changes. On a horse safari in Africa, you become part of the landscape; its silence and vastness strike you all the more. Many of the animals react differently to your presence. No-one who experiences this kind of closeness with wildlife ever forgets it.

Our African horseback safaris take place across grassy plains and rolling Kalahari dunes with spectacular views across the desert. The Korannaberg mountains, pink and mauve in the late afternoon sun, provide the backdrop.

Tswalu’s horses meet the needs of absolute beginner to advanced equestrian alike. Both trail and English saddles are available. Every piece of necessary equipment is provided, in every imaginable size.

Expert tuition is on offer for our horse safaris. Most importantly, our equestrian guides are also carefully trained in the Kalahari ecology. Yours will be a true safari, not just a ride. In Conde Nast Traveller, December 2009, Justin Cartwright wrote:

“The stables, typically, are run by someone who really knows horses, Almeri Etsebeth, and the horses themselves are wonderful - responsive, lively and well-mannered. Our ride took us close to buffalo, hartebeest, kudu and mountain zebra. I think it may have been the most interesting ride of my life.”— Justin Cartwright, Conde Nast Traveller, December 2009

Children are welcome on horseback. Tswalu’s stables will also create a special “pony camp” for any child who shares our passion for horses. For more about travelling as a family, read about our safaris with children.

For children and adults alike, a horse safari in Africa’s Kalahari is the chance to experience this natural wilderness in a way that is simply breathtaking. The Kalahari, just as explorers throughout history would have seen it for the very first time.