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Conservation Ethos

The word “Tswalu” means “a new beginning” and Tswalu Kalahari is driven by two ambitions; to create an inspirational experience for its guests, and a conservation vision, to restore the Kalahari to itself. These two goals sit in perfect equilibrium; each guest contributes directly to the sustainability of the reserve in a true model of eco-tourism.

“Mother Nature is a great healer. All she needs is time and space. Fortunately there are plenty of both on Tswalu.” - Gus van Dyk

Game Count

Tswalu Kalahari is primarily a conservation area. It aims to restore the area of approximately 1000km2 of Kalahari savannah to a pristine state. Such a vast area offers a safe haven for many endangered and rare species while protecting an area of unique diversity and beauty. Hospitality operations serve as a means towards ensuring that the conservation objectives of the property are sustainable while at the same time ensuring that the people of the area benefit from the work opportunities and training that tourism development offers. Conservation, socio-economic development, tourism and responsible environmental management are the four legs upon which Tswalu has been developed.

Game Count

Tswalu Kalahari aims to make a contribution to conservation through three main conservation goals, i.e. the restoration of the natural environment to a pristine condition, the re-establishment and protection of biological diversity and the maintenance of the natural ecological processes characteristics of the Kalahari environment. This entails the management of the entire ecological system, including the vegetation and the available water resources to restore vital ecological processes which have disappeared in other parts of the Kalahari, thereby maximizing the diversity of life found in the region.